Carlos Estarda-Vega - About 8000 Paintings


PRESS RELEASE: Carlos Estarda-Vega - About 8000 Paintings, Oct 20 - Dec 10, 2005

Estrada-Vega’s sculptural paintings incorporate a variety of media and a unique process of assemblage. Small canvas-covered blocks, each magnetized to hold its place within the larger composition, are painted highly saturated colors, inspired by the artist’s Mexican heritage. Seemingly monochromatic arrangements are revealed on closer inspection to be a dazzling array of distinct hues, an effect that is enhanced by the varying lengths of the projecting blocks.

The luscious texture of each cube effuses a tactile temptation that is difficult to resist. Estrada-Vega furthers this tension between touch and restraint by magnetizing the individual pieces and creating the possibility of movement. Each rectangle and square is considered to be a distinct painting, hence the title of the exhibition About 8000 Paintings.

Carlos Estrada-Vega recently had a solo exhibition at the Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, CA. He has exhibited in Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. His paintings can also be found in the collections of the Museum Katharinenhof, Kranenburg, Germany, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, and The Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA