Jus Juchtmans - Look Again


PRESS RELEASE: Jus Juchtmans - Look Again, Apr 22 - Jun  5, 2010

Jus Juchtmans’ abstract paintings are often described as monochromes however, the artist’s fluid paintings are more expressionistic in their suggestion of something on the cusp of coming into being. The artist paints in multiple thin layers of nuanced color. The paintings are meant to be experiential. To see Juchtmans’ paintings it is necessary to move about, shifting positions to catch glimpses of hues emerging from the depths. Viewing is complicated by the glossy surface of the works, intended to draw in and mirror the observer. The application of thin scrims of color gives a sense of vast depth, so much so that you are drawn to the edge of the canvas to confirm the physicality of the experience. The artist is interested in disrupting space within the painting, and within the room containing it. To the artist every aspect of a painting’s materiality is considered including the stretchers, how the paint is applied and its thickness, as well as is its presentation. Depending on the time of day and changes in the light, the paintings can be seen anew each time they are encountered.

Juchtmans’ works are exhibited in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain and New Zealand and are in several prominent public collections including Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum, Hagen, Germany and the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego-La Jolla, CA.