Heidi Spector - Across This New Divide


PRESS RELEASE: Heidi Spector - Across This New Divide, Oct 19 - Dec  2, 2017

Margaret Thatcher Projects is excited to present Across This New Divide, the third solo exhibition of new works by Canadian artist, Heidi Spector. Continuing to explore her passion for color-saturated, reductive geometric abstraction, the artist’s body of works, completed over the last year, presents an array of large and small-scale paintings. The exhibition introduces one of Spector’s largest-scaled paintings to date, titled Let’s Never Stop Falling In Love, as well as her first freestanding sculptural forms.

Influenced by popular music, many of Spector’s works take on titles based on song lyrics by varied musicians such as Linkin Park, Pink Martini, New Order, Maria Callas, Muse and Joni Mitchell. Spector’s works are composed of acrylic painted bands of color on birch panels, cubes, and columns, meticulously coated with multiple layers of resin, creating a surface where candy-like colors pulse and dance together. The color palette of each painting is in part a response to a song, infusing the group of works with the sensation of being an audio/visual playlist in which the vibration of colors evokes themes of musical rhythm.

In the seemingly never-ending chaos of contemporary society, Spector deeply yearns to convey a sense of positivity, perseverance, and resilience through the medium of art. As can be seen in the works’ titles and bright and bold color palettes, Spector offers a peaceful opposition to counteract the weight and darkness of the troubles we face as a global civilization and as unique individuals in the 21st century.

In a recent speech Spector made at the Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada), she spoke about her thoughts behind a specific piece she created now on permanent view at the University’s legal library saying, “I truly believe that the artistic community has a way of helping in times like these and that the creation of art can serve as a moral compass. I imagined We Can Be Heroes as a symbol of positive affirmation and refuge from the constant barrage of atrocities happening almost weekly in our world.”

Heidi Spector lives and works in Montreal, Canada. She has exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally, including exhibitions in Montreal, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Houston and New York.