Jus Juchtmans - Color Virus


PRESS RELEASE: Jus Juchtmans - Color Virus, Feb 13 - Mar 22, 2014

Margaret Thatcher Projects is pleased to present Color-Virus, the third solo exhibition of Belgian artist, Jus Juchtmans. In the exhibition, micro-layers of acrylic and acrylic gel medium are skillfully stretched atop one another, creating an illusionary sense of space. The effect is balanced by thick drips at the edges of the canvas, countering illusion and grounding, and giving attention to the physical object in its environment. This theme of duality underlies all of Juchtmans’ paintings.

At the foundation of abstract painting, there is a belief that to work abstractly is the most honest way to describe and share the experience of an emotion. To include the figure is to place a limit on the edges of such expression. The paintings of Jus Juchtmans provide a space for this exploration, rewarding extended viewing by revealing subtle colors and shapes from beneath the surface glaze.

When approaching his surfaces, the first image likely to catch attention is the viewer’s own reflection, forcing one to walk around the painting and observe it from multiple angles in order to actually see it. Even this initial investigation is fruitful, since it brings attention to the paintings rich edges. Reflection is a recurring theme, both in the literal reflection of the viewer but also in the phenomenological experience of viewing his paintings. As color is undoubtedly an integral part of Jus’ work, the light conditions, itself variable based on time of day, also contribute a great deal to the viewing experience.  

Juchtmans’ neutrality towards symbolism or transference of a specific idea, and heightened attention to the artworks immediate surroundings connect his works to Minimalists such as Donald Judd and Dan Flavin, as well as monochrome painters of the same period, such as Mark Rothko and Yves Klein.

Jus Juchtmans (b. 1952) lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. He has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, the United States and Australia. Solo-exhibitions include Galerie Van Den Berge (Goes, NL), Galerie Albrecht (Berlin, DE), Galeria Nieves Fernandez (Madrid, ES) and MUKA Gallery (Auckland. NZ). Works are included in several prominent public and private collections including the Peter Stuyvesant Collection (Amsterdam, NL), The Karl Ernst Osthaus-Museum (Hagen, DE) and the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (La Jolla, CA.)

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