Heidi Van Wieren

West of Chelsea: Way West

August 31, 2009 - Nancy Tobin

Inspired by the ArtPrize competition she wrote about recently, Nancy Tobin interviewed Heidi Van Weiren, who caught her eye because she was able to break into the New York art market as an outsider.

As I was perusing the myriad artists who will be showing their stuff for September’s ArtPrize event in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Mich., I was delighted to see that Heidi Van Weiren will be participating. I’ve followed her mesmerizing work through one of my favorite Chelsea galleries, Margaret Thatcher Projects.


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Heidi Van Wieren Press: Art Critical: Heidi Van Wieren at Margaret Thatcher Projects, August 24, 2009 - Jonathan Goodman

Art Critical: Heidi Van Wieren at Margaret Thatcher Projects

August 24, 2009 - Jonathan Goodman

Heidi van Wieren's current compositions investigate the variegated skies of South Dakota’s Badlands. Working with an unusual set of materials—Elmer’s glue, pigment, and droplets of ink—the artist builds up layers that contain what seems to be an infinite number of stars in a night-time sky. In the case of the “Badlands” series, the drops of ink, which occur in a spectrum of sizes, from very small to rather large, are scattered across the paper or panel.

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