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Omar Chacon News: Omar Chacon at the Children's Museum of Art, December 19, 2014 - Thatcher Projects

Omar Chacon at the Children's Museum of Art

December 19, 2014 - Thatcher Projects

Thatcher Projects is pleased to announce the presentation of two large paintings and one work on paper by gallery artist, Omar Chacon at the Cynthia C. Wainwright Gallery of the Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York. Curated by Children's Museum of the Arts Director of Fine Arts, Jil Weinstock. 

For better or worse, our lives are increasingly played out on a screen. From checking directions to playing a game on the latest bestselling app, digital technologies are a part of our everyday lives. Just as individual “pixels” are pieced together to create a larger image or message, this exhibition brings together visual artists whose works explore the intersection between art and technology, or who break down the very materials they work with into individual parts.

Visitors are encouraged to look carefully: what you see from far away may strongly differ from what you view up-close. Each artwork is intended to be examined from different distances and viewpoints.

Exhibiting Artists: Aziz + Cucher, Omar Chacon, Christian Faur, Bradley Hart, Richard Klein, Daniel Rozin, Al Souza, and Devorah Sperber

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